- B12 Birretta Due Buzzi Rib Cummins 1,200 13.0m
- D55 Boss One Boss 36 Mercruiser 640 11.0m
- B19 Bubbles Racing Cigarette Chevy 1,300 12.0m
- G44 Construction Racing Al Suwaidi Marine Honda 750 10.3m
- B38 Goldfish Racing Goldfish Rib Ilmor 1,450 12.0m
- D10 Grey Ghost Racing Scorpion Rib Yanmar 630 10.0m
- D50 Hot Lemon Scorpion Rib Yanmar 630 10.0m
- H555 HTS Perkins Souter Perkins 600 10.0m
- E3 My Pleasure Osprey Lynx Rib Yanmar 315 9.0m
- C99 PPG Print PPG Marine Rib Yanmar 880 12.0m
- A447 Predator Racing Predator Mercury 2,700 14.0m
- A111 RaceToMonteCarlo Cougar FPT 1,680 13.0m
- C11 Tally-Ho Scorpion Rib Mercury 600 10.0m
- C7 Team Barwood Hustler Yanmar 900 12.0m
- B558 Team Hendricks Hendricks 55 Ilmor 1,450 17.0m
- F9 Team Locamotion Sunseeker Mercruiser 850 11.0m
- A73 Team Warlord Formula Mercruiser 1,640 12.0m
- B7 Vector Offshore Racing Vector Ilmor 1,450 13.0m
- B69 Warpath Chief Ilmor 1,450 13.0m
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