Bloodthirsty Vampires Place – Transylvania

Transylvania is a place known as bloodthirsty vampires and the mysterious lands of the wolves at full moonlit nights. However, it can be said that it has an enormous history and geographical structure. The real name of Transilvania, covering the area of ​​the Carpathian Mountains, also known as the “Transylvania Alps” in the southern region.

Nowadays, Transylvania, known as the “Vampire Country”, has become a region with many legendary stories. Of course, Dracula’s story is the most popular among them. This story, which takes all its elements from real people, places and events, attracted worldwide attention due to its proximity to reality and the ongoing but never-proven vampire findings in the years.

Visiting Transylvania has a feeling that it is almost as if it were teleported 100 years ago. When you are in the area, it is possible to see the horse carriages and the shepherds who graze lots of herds. Generally, the roads require a little patience during transport to the region. The trains are moving a little slower to ensure you get to the region because of non-asphalt roads. If you want to go to different regions in the same day, buses will be the most convenient means of transportation.

The Carpathian mountains in the region are a unique natural environment in terms of animal and plant populations. This region, home to wolf and lynx species, also has the largest population of brown bear population in Europe. Approximately 5,000 people adopted oak and beech trees in the brown bear area as their home.